IRRINET LLC: Scheduling Service


The service that Irrinet provides begins when our consultant meets with the grower to identify his specific needs related to the type of crop, type of irrigation system, soil types and the current irrigation water management practices. The consultant then selects the site along with the grower who knows the blocks. During the process of installing the site, the soil texture and moisture status is evaluated.


A soil moisture probe is then installed and calibrated to match the soil texture.  Data can be transmitted directly to the software via  radio, cell modem or satellite telemetry.  If a neutron moisture probe is used, the data can be uploaded to the software and be available online.

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In the industry, the neutron probe is considered to be the most reliable instrument to measure soil moisture.  Therefore we would use it to take soil moisture readings at regular intervals during the season to verify that the electronic probes are still calibrated.

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All data collected uploads to the Probe Schedule® software.  Consultants work with the grower to make sure they understand the information and interpret it correctly in order to make management decisions to optimize irrigation water use.

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